Fri, Dec. 10th. Doors open 19.15; Unitarian Hall Godalming. Free entry!

Christmas is back as expected once more at Waverley dowsers and we have a chance to spread some seasonal good cheer. For those who haven’t been previously to a Waverley gathering, it is an evening of chat and discussion between ourselves, an opportunity to view the groups sharing book library and perhaps to bring some of your books to share with others. We will have tables of nibbles for you to enjoy, please feel free to bring along any home made cakes and drinks to share as it is the time sharing.

For members and guests; it is a chance to get to know each other better and swap stories, we like dowsing stories of holidays and dowsing in exotic places as well as the Sacred sites of Britain. The ethos of our Group is to encourage the Art of Dowsing and to swap dowsing tips. We also have a YouTube channel where we have posted some great dowsing articles, videos, lectures and photos, please visit it here

We will be providing some Dowsing class’s in the new year so do come along and discuss what you are interested in.

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