Dowsing Events At Waverley Dowsers 2024

Friday 7.30pm Jan 12th

Adrian Incledon-Webber, author of ‘Back to Basics and House Clearing will be providing one of his fantastic talks filled with experiences and tips on using dowsing for all our lives. Adrian says; “We will begin by looking at the basics of house healing, i.e. What causes people’s homes to become detrimental in the first place? Then, by asking a series of questions, we can start to build a picture of our own homes and its effects on us. It is also important to make sure that all members of the family are well too”. Adrian will be describing some of the techniques he uses to clear the family and their homes. There will also be a short healing session at the end of the evening. This is a practical talk so why not bring a floor plan of your house (A4 size; accuracy is not critical, but it helps!) and your dowsing rods and/ or pendulum and a notebook (can be provided if not). Bio: Adrian is one of the foremost House Healers in the world and his two books, Heal Your Home I and II, have been described as the “Bibles of Geopathic Stress”. Copies may be purchased.

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Friday 7.30 Feb 9th 

Andrew Edgar author of Consciousness of Trees along with the likes of Peter Wohlleben (author of The Hidden Life of Trees), and botanist Dr Suzanne Simard have argued that trees are capable of profound experiences of the world around them, and that they can communicate these experiences to other trees (through root systems, and the mycelia of fungi). Dowsers have long recognised that trees have auras, and indeed that these auras will expands as the dowser makes contact with the tree – an expression of the tree’s awareness that they are in contact with the dowser. In this talk I will explore, through my personal experience of dowsing with trees and in communion with spirit of place, how dowsing and science can give us an insight into the world of trees, and how we might come to understand and communicate with those trees. I will explain how we can trace the networks of communication that link trees, how we can find the protective mother tree within a group, and how patterns within the aura of a tree hint at the messages that the tree might have for us.  I began dowsing around 2005, attending courses supported by the British Society of Dowsers.  At that time I lived in Cardiff and, with my wife Grace, ran a Cardiff dowsing group affiliated to the BSD.  We have now moved to Lewes in East Sussex, and have set up a dowsing group through the Lewes branch of the University of the Third Age (U3A). Before my retirement in 2018, I had for some thirty years been a lecturer in Philosophy at Cardiff University. Google Andrew Edgar. Please check with Geoff, but we may be visiting some local tree sites during the afternoon of the 9th with Andrew and you are welcome to join us.

Visit us at Waverley Dowsers and bring a friend, the doors open at 7pm and talks start at 7.30pm – Unitarian Hall, Meadrow, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 3JB

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