Waverley dowsers from Surrey had members attending both days of this busy weekend and so we have a different perspective on what was learned and achieved. Geoffrey, Sue and Michael went on the Saturday while Ken, Nadia and Sue went on the Sunday. Below are Geoff’s thoughts on the day out while Ken talks about the Pictograms workshop in greater detail.

BSD Symposium April 2015 Visit by Geoff and Mike on the Saturday.

This was my first BSD event and I was looking forward to meeting fellow dowsers from far and wide more than just what might have been on the program!   Mike and I decided to travel on the Friday afternoon rather than really early on the Saturday itself… taking it a bit easier, but meant spending an overnight stay at a local hotel.

The journey went well so we had time to call in at Worcester Cathedral first…. Don’t think I’d done that one before.   A lovely sunny day… a nice cool interior.   Asked the Rector if we could dowse inside, but they had an evensong coming up and politely refused (not sure that they had been asked that before).   Internally quite a classical arrangement… not quite as spectacular as some I have visited.   Returned to the sun outside and decided to see what might be dowseable on the green.

Found energy lines entering unused doors and some spiral patterns on the grass… Bought some fish and chips and moved on to the Pear Tree Hotel.   At breakfast we bumped into some dowsers known to Mike. We then drove to the University Campus venue on breezy and bright morning.

We registered and then scanned the BSD shop… cups of tea…. then a brief welcome was given by Isabel Derry the new Chair of BSD and on to my first lecture with Fay Palmer talking about the consciousness of water.

Fay has an “agricultural” laugh I was told… very true… we sit down and prepare ourselves.   She hands out sealed bottles of water… not for drinking… yet!   She grabs a rod and walks down the front of the class and dowses a line in the open area at the front of the class…..   “I shouldn’t have shown you that” she says with a Hagrid type innocence.   We discover that she had moved a water line into the classroom from the outside for the demonstration…. Nice level of intent dowsing there.

Amongst other things projected on the screen, Fay showed that our bottled water had a current physical field which we measured. We were then shown the nasty’s of the negative edges of the water line we had also had turns in finding; and were asked to transfer this negativity to our own bottles and re-measure the auras. Well mine had dropped to 15% of its starting point.   We were then asked to re-taste the water as a comparison.

Subsequently we shook the bottle up to energise it and wish it well to re-measure a return, for me, to about 87% of the original level.   We break for lunch and a chat and I’m glad to say that I felt the atmosphere really comfortable and in the company of friends.

The afternoon session for me was with Nigel Twinn and Andrew Edgar talking about the philosophy of dowsing…. Fascinating, but don’t ask me what they said…. Except that I can say that, in modern parlance, I had no issues!   Have you noticed that when you have at least six unread dowsing related books to be read in one’s own library these people will recommend more!

Mike and I stayed on for the evening meal and that gave us an opportunity to chat to some major names on the scene.   Nothing heavy, but a great insight into the “normality” of them all.   Finally a really smooth and uneventful return home.   A really pleasant weekend activity which I would heartily recommend. All part of my education!

Geoff’s Report GCM150531–1

On the sunday the Pictograms workshop had some very enthusiastic participants and so a more detailed write up was created to explain this potentially stupendous new branch of the Dowsing fraternity and it’s part in all Earth Energies manifestations. Below are a photo slideshow which we hope you enjoy, but to read the article please follow this link HERE

Slideshow of the Pictograms workshop



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To understand the context of the photos in the slide-show, you may need to read the article on Pictograms HERE

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