The events page has been updated for Waverley Dowsers Events for the rest of 2018, to see what the events are please follow this link HERE:

For those of you and for those who couldn’t make the talk about Dragons recently, please note that we will be visiting a local Church that contains a Dragon in the grounds, plus one just outside in the lane, so bring your dowsing tools and we shall see you at Dunsfold Church, check our events page for date, please contact Geoff for the time as we will need to make sure that we do not clash with any Church functions, but we will post the time on the Website nearer the time.

You will be giving expert tutoring on how to interact with these sacred creatures and we suggest you bring a rug so that you can lay with the Dragon.

Don’t forget to read the articles on the Articles page on the website, we have many great articles for you to read and many of them will give you some great ideas on how to tune up and practise your dowsing.

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