Waverley Dowsers who are based in Surrey and have members from parts of Hampshire and Berkshire, England, have been busy in this month of March, we had Mike Haxeltine providing his workshop ‘introduction to Dowsing’ at a well known garden centre as he demonstrated how to use dowsing to find the best planting position for outside garden plants, this proved to be very popular with the ‘buyers’ at the garden centre and we will have photos and a write up on this coming soon, you can also read about some of mikes more ‘generalised workshops’ that he has done in the Articles section by following this link below

Dowsing in the Garden (and more)

Waverley Dowsers just hosted a talk on Stone Henge from Don Bryant, all about his experiences with dowsing energy lines and his extensive knowledge on the archeological discoveries of this famous sacred landscape, we have put together a write up and extensive list of website links that expand on his ideas discussed during the talk.

Dowsing Stone Henge

Another one of the Waverley Dowsers also attended a seminar hosted by the British Society of Dowsing ‘special Research group’ bringing together ancient and modern knowledge and again we supply the reader with extensive website links for further investigation.

Discovering the Modern with Dowsing


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