Carnac in France and Brittany (France)  in general has an ancient relationship with Britain, even today there are Dragon energy connections between the two country’s as well other forms of energy connections, not withstanding that the culture that built the Megaliths from Scotland to north Africa was the same culture even if it wasn’t the same tribes. Although any culture that was powerful enough to have spread across 3,500 km certainly had movement of people round the empire.

Below are several videos of the legacy of these ancient culture, Howard Crowhurst has built himself a deserved reputation as an expert on the Carnac Alignments and lives and works in France.

A further video from Howard is a ten minute snippet from his excellent lecture to the Megalithomania audience

And a  further snippet of video from Howard about the Brittany Megaliths at the megalithomania conference in 2009

With several Waverley dowsers members also visiting Carnac in France recently, below is a small video taken from a Passage Chamber.

To read the article a from a Dowsers perspective of this Passage Chamber in Carnac, please visit HERE

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