There can be found many types of energy lines flowing across the Earths surface and it has been noted by many dowsers that Bee’s, Wasps and Ants prefer to build their colony’s on energy lines that most dowsers will tell you is detrimental to humans, Oak trees also prosper on this type of energy lines even if they can grow funny shape limbs, in fact there may be a discussion in that the subtle energies that dowsers detect come in a multitude of wavelengths and strengths each potential having a different effect of the living organisms nearby.

So as dowsers we must learn not to try and nullify energies willy-nilly out of a misguided attempt to ‘help’  because by nullifying these particular energies we are reducing viable habitat’s for beneficial creatures as well as destroying potential habit for many other unknown rare creatures.

If you notice or come across certain energies (as a dowser) spend some time identifying what type of ‘LIFE’ is comfortable with it, look at what grass’s, herbs and Trees are growing to maturity on these energies are there any ant’s nests etc.

Here is an excellent piece of work done by John Harding who has written a book about his studies on honey bee’s over a twenty year period Click Here

John also has another updated book ready to go into print where he also includes lots of valuable instructions for all professional and amateur bee keepers.

Termites also prefer energies that my dowsing indicated was ‘detrimental’ to humans, here is an article with photo’s of several young termite nests,

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