Finding reasons to dowse and improve yourself can be difficult on occasion, you can’t always go to an ancient Stone Circle or Barrow complex to practise with your dowsing rods and improve your intuition, what we ned is good practical reasons for getting out the Pendulum or the ‘L’ rods and start getting dirty.
Waverley dowsers members have penned some great articles to provide ideas and pointers, see if you can also think of some great ways of using dowsing and let us know on our contact page.

We have the ‘Choose a book to study with‘ from a shelf full of books article as well as the interesting use of a Pendulum in the kitchen, you can use the Pendulum or dowsing rod to tell you when something is cooked to perfection, I use a Pendulum to tell me when my boiled eggs are cooked, read the article about how one of our team use dowsing to cook Broccoli Here.  Our Chairman who has been a professional gardener and landscape uses dowsing to help him choose the right plant for a garden as well as finding the right location and orientation (which side faces the sun) of the plant for a 100% planting success, he doe not get any plants dying or struggling to grow in his gardens. You can read the article about Mikes presentation Here and there is of course the good old fashioned ‘I lost my car keys’ scenario where you find your keys with your ‘L’ rods possibly saving you a lot of money and frustrations.

Waverley dowsers provide training and talks at their meeting hall on regular basis, come along, have a great couple of hours of fun, learn something new and meet interesting people from all walks of life.

Below is a fabulous photo taking at the Devil’s Den standing stone, although it looks like a Dolman, apparently it is not and is only one in a chain of similar stones near the Avebury complex in Wiltshire, some of our members recently went to a weekend talk and a days worth of dowsing with the British Society of Dowsers, read the article HERE

The Devil's Den capstone near Marlborough in Wiltshire

The Devil’s Den capstone near Marlborough in Wiltshire

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