Biofield tuning is a deeply relaxing complementary sound therapy tailored to assist in rebalancing.It is working with the body and its energy field using tuning forks. Rather than treating specific disorders, Biofield Tuning helps ‘raise the voltage’ of the body’s electromagnetic system, giving it more energy to do what it is designed to do – […]

Waverley Dowsers’ Training Day at the Unitarian Hall GU7 3JB in Godalming; Saturday October 5th. Basic training from 10.00 to 12.00 and advanced-basic from 13.00 to 15.00 with half time breaks, tea and biccies supplied; why not join us with a packed lunch? Cost is £10 per session or £15 for both.   You can pay […]

There have been some changes made to the British society of Dowsers spring symposium, to understand all the changes made, please visit the BSD website for the latest updates: Starting on monday the 8th April we have the Sun and Moon Easter festival, this year there will be three different dowsers attending and each […]

Roger Taylor has been investigating ‘life energies’ for many years, he is a keen follower of the “torsion-field” theory and the the spin of atoms and their secondary energies which can be understood and quantified. With many years of investigation and experimentations with growth enhancement and understanding of Pyramid energy, Roger will be sharing his […]

“Dowsing the Stonehenge Landscape” by Don Bryan Following last year’s enlightening presentation on “Dowsing the Arthurian Legend”, we have invited Don back to give us a talk on his experiences dowsing the Stonehenge Landscape. Don is an experienced Dowser and Chair of the BSD Archaeology Special Interest Group. Tuesday 11th March 2014 at 7.30 pm […]

International Association of Health Dowsers Dowsing for Health & Energy  Saturday 22nd February 2014 At Wraysbury Village Hall, Wraysbury, Middlesex.  TW19 5NA   The course will be run by Keith Harmon and Jane Court who are both experienced and knowledgeable dowsers in the health field as well as experienced therapists who teach health dowsing for the British Society […]

On 12th November, Dominic Upton gave a talk on Homeopathy at the Waverley Dowsers meeting. Dominic talked about the history of Homeopathy as well as providing some treatments for some common ailments  Below is a summary of his interesting talk. Hippocrates, over 2000 years ago wrote that there were two approaches to healing: (i) the use […]

Keith Harmon, former Chair of Health Special Interest Group of the British Society of Dowsers, will be our guest speaker on 14 January 2014.  During his talk Keith will give us an in-depth look into energy and dowsing.  Please bring L-rods or other dowsing devices. There will be hot drinks and biscuits provided We will […]

The Waverley dowsers will have nationally famous Homeopathy specialist Dominic Upton giving a talk about Homeopathy and wellness in general, he will also be pleased to answer questions on wellbeing and where Homeopathy fits in with a holistic approach to health, to join or to come as a guest to this event at our meeting hall in Godalming on tuesday […]

The British Society of Dowsers Celebrated their 80th birthday this year, and they have been busy posting dowsing video events on to their YouTube channel, so pay a visit and sit back and enjoy the various videos, mainly captured on members smart phones, but interesting never the less for the subjects captured. Visit the British […]

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