International Association of Health Dowsers

Dowsing for Health & Energy

 Saturday 22nd February 2014


Wraysbury Village Hall, Wraysbury, Middlesex. 

TW19 5NA


The course will be run by Keith Harmon and Jane Court who are both experienced and knowledgeable dowsers in the health field as well as experienced therapists who teach health dowsing for the British Society of Dowsers.

The course is suitable for those who have never done any dowsing but would like to learn how to use dowsing to assist them in their health or therapy work. It is also suitable for dowsers and therapists who wish extend their knowledge of the uses of dowsing for health purposes. As well as learning how to use the dowsing instruments the course will include working with crystals, selection of remedies, working with energy and energy fields, and much more.


If you do not have your own dowsing equipment – do not worry – dowsing instruments will be loaned and will also be available for purchase during the day.

The places on this course will be limited so that more personal tuition can be achieved.

 We suggest you bring a packed lunch


Please download the application form complete and return to the address on the document. (Download here) Application form for Health Dowsing

Thank You

We look forward to seeing you

Application form for Health Dowsing


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