The Waverley dowsers will have nationally famous Homeopathy specialist Dominic Upton giving a talk about Homeopathy and wellness in general, he will also be pleased to answer questions on wellbeing and where Homeopathy fits in with a holistic approach to health, to join or to come as a guest to this event at our meeting hall in Godalming on tuesday the 12th of November , please contact us through our contact page here

Also while we are talking about wellbeing and health:

The British Society of Dowsers will be having a meeting with ‘Wellness’ being the subject, the  BSD’s newly formed “Wellness & Healing” group will be holding their inaugural meeting later this month on Saturday the 26th October, for full details please visit the BSD website, below is the days itinerary.

The guest speakers are outlined below.

‘Sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never harm you’ was a saying often quoted to me as a child; Louise Salmon will show us how untrue that is and that words actually do matter!

Genetically Modified Organisms is a hot topic at the moment and Anthony Rowland will be showing a very thought provoking film with a healthy Q and A session afterwards.

Ginny Davis specialises in Croneology Coaching, an holistic approach to bringing changes into your life; through dowsing she will show you how to how to start taking control of your life in a positive and beneficial way. Very much a practical session so bring your pendulums with you. I hope also that there will be a tasty surprise for you all on the day!

The day will start with a guided mediation and end with an optional practical healing session where you will be working in pairs each giving out your own unique brand of healing.


Anthony Rowland – GMO Foods

Genetically Modified Organisms are something that we should all be aware of, do we really know what we are eating? The Government certainly won’t tell us and the large corporations’ only care about the bottom line, costs! The film underlines the plight of people and animals who eat GM food, Anthony looks at the scientific proof behind the effects and some of the solutions that we can apply to keep ourselves safe. Nature is our friend is Anthony’s message to us all.

Louise Salmon – ‘How Words Shape Your Life’

It doesn’t matter whether the words we use about ourselves or the world around us are positive or negative, it sometimes seems as if the words are a self-fulfilling prophesy.  What many people don’t realise is that THEY ARE!  What we believe about ourselves and the world around us becomes true for us, and our beliefs are mirrored by our words, often spoken without thinking. How are YOUR words shaping YOUR life?


Ginny Davis Croneology-Coaching

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching offers people the opportunity to assess their lives and create an individual plan that moves them towards their identified goals. This can support healing, self-development and positive changes in lifestyle through a safe, non directive relationship with the coach. Using the wheel of life approach, Ginny incorporates dowsing in this process, encouraging her clients to use a pendulum to identify and prioritise goals and actions.


Plus practical Healing Sessions in the afternoon

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