Maria Wheatley has just published another book on ancient sites called Divining Ancient Sites – Insights into their creation which includes an astrological ley line which may interest the Waverley group!

Some of the topics in the book, such as healing earth energies and how certain earth energies can cleanse our body water – which holds onto memories just like our minds – as water has memory.


Maria recently spoke about the geodetic system of earth energies to the British Society of Dowsers – earth energy group – to explain these powerful energies and how we can locate them. I showed them on a field trip how to use particular sides of the body to feel for earth energies which they enjoyed and felt was a new and exciting way to dowse. (Read a Waverley members write up HERE: )


Maria also talks one of the most powerful leys in the world which has key sacred sited located upon it which mirror the planets of the solar system. I show how the planet that is associated with the site and how we can tap into the energies of both the planet and the sacred site to enhance our lives.

Maria also gave a great talk earlier this year at the Ley hunters gathering in Kent, there is a great Radio interview with Maria which we posted at the time, check that out HERE for some great new insights

Maria’s book ‘Diving Ancient Sites also discuss the magnetic connection we have to our birth place – the land upon which we incarnated and how this relationship can affect our health and well being. This concept was discovered some 50 years ago and was validated by Stanford University and then tucked away….


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