Honey Comb

Honey Comb

There is a great article in the British Society of Dowsers from Richard Creightmore based on original work by Bee keeper John Harding who has written a book about the siting of Bee hives over geomagnetic stress. It has long been known that Geomagnetic stress is harmful to humans which is why it has been named ‘geomagnetic stress’ although again we are also aware that for other life forms, what is harmful to humans can be beneficial for others, cats are known to enjoy laying on certain geomagnetic stress lines for periods of time. In this article Richard highlights that insects and he mentions ‘colony’ insects in particular Ant’s and Bees, prefer to establish their colony’s on what humans call geomagnetic stress lines.

Richard’s research has found that Bee colony’s (farmed Bees) are healthier and more productive if the Bee ‘combs’  are allowed to be created in a north, south direction and providing that the Bee Hives are situated on a geomagnetic stress line. You must read the full article as the recognition and importance of accepting that geomagnetic stress is only stressful to people to live and sleep on but is an essential facet of the natural environment which we disrupt at our peril.

Geomagnetic stress lines are usually caused by underground streams crossing and the interplay causing energy to become ‘stressed’ or out of tune due to the way that the energy flows disrupt the harmony of each other, Maria Wheatley points out this type of ‘stressed energy’ is only caused by underground springs that are created by ‘surface water’ (rain water) percolating down through the soil and creating underground flows. (as against flows of Primary  water which doesn’t, which Maria calls Ying water) see our article here

This ‘black’ energy as some call it can rise as a vortices at the point of underground water flows crossing, but the energy can also ‘flow’ up or down one or both of the underground water flows and even jump onto other lines of transference such as traveling along geological ‘veins’ or faults, in effect think of the way electricity will flow along conducting paths that it can find, then so does ‘black energy’ flow along paths that are conducive to its traveling.

Black energy (de-harmonised water energy) has been known to be created in underground water crossings and then jump onto sewage pipes travel along and then manifest out in homes many miles distant from where it was first created, this can be found more and more as geomancers ‘chase down’ instances of ‘sick building syndrome’.

Bear in mind that all energy is conscious and is rarely deliberately harmful to human’s, it is just surviving in a Universe which has given it the right to exist.
This article can be found in a summary version of the BSD’s quarterly magazine or complete on Richards website at (www.landandspirit.net) to jump directly to Richards article about Bees, then follow this link here

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