Michael Haxeltine was asked to give a talk to the national organisation R.I.L.K.O in London recently for a talk entitled ‘Dowsing: Using the past to find out the Future‘. He took part of “his classroom” to the talk. This is a picture of him at 3.40 pm  on the 31st October getting ready to catch the train with approximately twenty five kilos of “kit” for his talk .

Michael Haxeltine and a large Bovis scale chart

Michael Haxeltine and a large Bovis scale chart

R.I.L.K.O’s main objective is to look into ancient knowledge and myths, Michael had tailored his talk to do just that.
Michael opened his talk with his first book and the concept of the Bovis scale which is a scale designed to help investigators provide a consistent measure for their researches into subtle energy’s. Because the Bovis scale provides a chart which a dowser or subtle energy investigator can calibrate themselves against it should allow peer review of any discoveries and investigations.

The first trick to come out of the rucksack was for everyone to take a dowsing rod to point their nose,  by using the basic dowsing technique of making a command to oneself, the other dowsing method is to ask a question. Michael went on to illustrate how powerful the mind was, the need for psychic protection and the likely substance in the Heisenberg’s ” observers paradox” where observers can influence  the outcome of experiments.  He also demonstrated a second experiment to show how a group of people can influence another. This clearly broke the myth for some about minds affecting other people .

At this point Michael drew the audience’s attention to the power of subtle energies with an ongoing experiment in the room.  Three volunteers were monitoring energies radiating from a pyramid which he had set up, and using the Bovis concept to quantify/measure them.
The audience interacted well, with one member of the audience contributing to the evening by showing water shaken in a bottle produces a greater aura dowsing reaction that the unshaken water.

Another group from the audience explained their experience bringing golden light into healing by the use of a pendulum.
Michael explained with another experiment that the myth of protecting ones house in medieval times,   with Rowan, could be supported by demonstrating the masking effect of Rowan wood on subtle energies.

In another experiment he showed one way in which man made energy lines could be generated.

He spoke about the similarity between the ancient custom of African women wearing an open neck  [brass like] collar or Torc that is similar to one found in a Midlands Saxon hoar. He then drew the audience’s attention to the work of Lakhovsky in the 1930’s when he showed that shape/form could have healing properties.
Another experiment was undertaken by the audience, to evaluate some documents. This was done by dowsing over a template graduated to represent a gigahertz scale.  The normal practice  for most dowsers would be  to use their own scale  e.g 1:10. However there is often a disparity in the results hence Michaels attempt to promote internationally the concept of using a standard scale (Bovis scale) to dowse over.  Hence the use of a standard template as mentioned in his first self published book ‘Bovis Unit in Everyday Life’.
Numerous other experiments were extracted from his rucksack for the audience to participate  in or comment on, These included the emergence of a fluffy rabbit to illustrate the point not to be phased by odd occurrences.
He returned again to the ongoing experiment with the pyramid and except for one as yet unexplained blip the reading on the Bovis Gigahertz template clearly showed that the pyramid propagated energy.
He had many more things to show but the venue had to close, Michael’s Rabbit needed feeding  and he had to make sure he at least caught the last train home.

You can visit the RILKO website by following this LINK HERE

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