Sussex dowsers have got a great a day on Sunday 9th of November at Chichester with a talk presented by Peter Knight, Peter who has written and published eight books as well as some popular DVD’s lives in Wiltshire the home of Britain’s sacred landscape, his latest book ‘The Cerne Giant: Landscape, Gods and the Stargate’

Peter will also be selling signed copies of his book

He will be  looking at the Gods associated with the Cerne Giant, the famous phallic Dorset chalk icon, such as Bran, Dagda, Gwyn, Osiris, etc and the folklore regarding the fertility aspects of the Giant.
He will also talk about his ground breaking new discoveries of the astronomical alignments he has found, both solar and stellar, which date the figure, and the links with the stars of Orion and an Egyptian Stargate of Osiris – a doorway to the Otherworld.
Peter is the author of  8 books about sacred sites, dowsing and sacred landscapes, and is an international speaker, dowser, shamanic facilitator, and sacred sites guide. His books delve into the hidden aspects of sites, as he tries to unravel their meanings in a ‘holistic’ approach. He also advocates how sacred sites can be accessed today to procure earth healing and personal transformation.
Sussex Dowsers Meeting place:
Indoor Meetings are held at The Bassil Shippam Centre, Tozer Way,
St Pancras, Chichester PO19 7LG
£5 non-members, £3.50 members.
Meetings start at 2pm  Doors open 1.40pm

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