Finding ways to practise using your energy field to find answers that you may not normally be able to find is a great way to strengthen your dowsing skills, below is a short video on how to use a pendulum to detect when your boiled eggs are cooked to the perfect way that you like them. I know you can use an egg timer, but they don’t always prove to be ideal, because the size of the egg may vary, the temperature of the egg when it goes in to the water may vary (eggs kept in the fridge or left out in the open) and the flame may be lower or higher and the water may take longer to reach temperature, so using a simple ‘egg timer’ is not very accurate. Using your dowsing Pendulum, can be very accurate as this demonstration shows.

Please try this out, just have courage and trust the pendulum, remember the pendulum is just a, indicator of your personal energy field, you are the detector, the pendulum is your needle.

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