On the 9th of July at 11am Waverley dowsers will be visiting the site at ‘Old Sarum’ this  is an ancient Neolithic site that has been used and reused throughout England’s history, once converted in to an iron age fort and later commandeered by the Romans this imposing hill that has been landscaped many times, was last in use as a major position of power when the Normans used the site including building a Cathedral and town within the site to take advantage of the Dragon energy’s that flow through it, this was later abandoned as the Cathedral was moved to Salisbury which is visible from this ancient Henge.

The last time Waverley dowsers members visited the site, they found two small stone circles dedicated to the Moon and producing very female energy, they identified the locations of the original stones used in the Henge circa 3000BC and contemporary with the ‘moon circles’ as well as the location of a mass grave, likely a result of the Roman invasion. For those who are energy sensitive there is a special place where your dowsing polarity will change (very strange feeling) and for those interested in archaeological dowsing, the Cathedral foundations are clearly visible for you to dowse the swirling water energy’s and Dragon energy that flow through it or you can dowse the medieval village which is no longer visible but Geoff will be providing maps to show the location of these areas.

Old Sarum is on two levels, the outer area where all the above descriptions are contained is FREE access for the public, there is another inner area where English Heritage provide a shop and information plus access to the iron age and Roman fort area which they do charge for.

We will be meeting on the site at 11am on Saturday the 9th, all are welcome and we will not be charging anyone for this fabulous day of dowsing. Bring your picnic if you wish or you may prefer to use the nearby pub/restaurant for your food. If the weather is good we will expect to stay on site for many hours and will be providing ‘dowsing flags’ for anyone who would like to mark out any dowsing they discover. The Dragon energy’s are both male and female and are the same ones that flow through Catherine’s hill near Winchester and identified in the book ‘The Spine of Albion’ by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare.

There is a carpark on the site, please contact Geoff Mitchell (Chairman of Waverley dowsers) or Michael Haxiltine for any further information or to arrange a lift or pick up. Old Sarum is in Wiltshire, the full address is – Castle Rd, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 3SD or you can check out the site through Google or follow this link to the English Heritage website for additional information.


To receive further information about membership or forthcoming events you may telephone Michael Haxeltine on 01252 541639 or email Geoff on geoff@geoffcmitchell.co.uk or use our contact page for email or further information.

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