Waverley dowsers have pencilled in some outside visits for 2016 to take advantage of the warmer weather of the summer months. The first one on the new schedule was to re-visit St Catherine’s Hill near Winchester, then later we have Old Sarum, an ancient formidable Citadel that was once a Henge and has male and female dragon lines running through it and then the St Marys Church in Guildford, where we hope to connect with the sacred dragon energies that run through the Church grounds and building.

St Catherine’s  Hill is a recognised SSI, a chalk hill amongst a local landscape of rippling geology, it is not the only chalk uprising in the vicinity, but it was marked out in ancient times as a sacred hill, and to emphasis this fact, the hill contains an ancient burial mound of late Neolithic or early bronze age fashion as well as the foundations of a medieval Church plus a very old Labyrinth, which has not been dated but wasn’t in place when the Church was built.

When Waverly dowsers first visited the hill as a group, it was under the guidance of Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare, duel authors of the sensational  book ‘The Spine of Albion’ a near ten years of research and investigation and conformation with their dowsing skills that two Dragon lines flow right up through the middle of Great Britain hitting land at the Isle of Wight and exiting landfall near John of Groats in Scotland, reappearing  in the Shetland isles before disappearing in to the sea to complete their circumnavigation of Gaia.

Waverley dowsers invited members, friends and guests to this Saturday meeting and we had four intrepid souls turn up, 3 members and a guest/friend, Alan, Geoff, Ken and Nadia.

There was a quick vote on what to do first and it was agreed that the Labyrinth was going to be the first investigation so the four first connected with the spirit of the place and then climbed the hill, Geoff immediately started to dowse out the Dragon energy lines, while Alan started to walk the Labyrinth, ken found that the female dragon line cut across a corner of the Church ruins and went to connect with this ancient sacred healing energy, Nadia went looking for a stone circle and found a wooden circle made over 2300 years earlier.

Geoff pegged out with flags the width of the male dragon energy line and reported that it has 24 ‘edges’ or 12 strips of energy, these strips can be a metre or more wide when the dragon line is excited through interaction with people as well as the sun’s photons of light.  Ken had on the previous visit also noticed that the male and female dragon lines butt up against each other and run for about twenty five metres before separating again to flow

in different directions and according to Gary and Caroline’s book, the dragon energy lines re-join together on multiple places, and these are the places which were marked as sacred by the ancient Stone builders, later the Druids and later still the Christian Church, all taken advantage of these strengthening and life giving intergalactic dragon energies.

Yin Water

After an hour of investigation and all of the group walking the labyrinth for their own reasons they settled down in the sun for a picnic, whilst talking about what they had found. The group then decided to explore a place that Ken had previously found where the female dragon energy had joined with a sacred water line, this underground water was dowsed as ‘Primary water’ or what Maria Wheatly has called Genesis or Yin water. This is the water from deep within the Earth that rise’s and provides the water for the holy springs. This water is not rainwater, but water that is squeezes out of the rock deep underground.

When the group reached the water lines, Ken said that they will find the water producing the recognised spirals or Rams horns, but that they will find as many as 24 spirals in each rams horn which they all duly did, with the members all meditating on their selected charged spirals using the Wizards Treeing meditation as it seemed the most appropriate at the time.

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