Michael, one of our Members, recently gave a talk to the Farncombe Morning Towns Women Guild.     He introduced many facets of the science and art of dowsing to the Group; who joined in with some of the experiments he conducted.

mh_pyranmidThe Group were very interested in pyramid power; as it could be used as a therapy and in the gardens to help seeds germinate.

Michael showed the Group how to place a seed tray under the pyramid so as to gain maximum benefit of the energies with in the pyramid and described how studies have shown the seeds to be more virile with a higher rate of germination and better health of the young seedlings.

The pyramid experiment brought back memories of the 1960s when pyramids were sold to those who wished to sit or sleep under its alleged effects.

The Group joined with laughter at other aspects of his talk. They wished to learn more about the subject and three of the Group bought copies of Michael’s family book on dowsing.    Another lady who was interested in the environmental side of dowsing bought another one of his books.

Later in the day he gave a similar talk to a panel of Womens’ Institute ladies, in Dorking, who were vetting speakers on behalf of their Members.

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