Nigel Twinn will be providing a talk to share his knowledge about dowsing and other remarkable aspects of the subtle energy world at Waverely Dowsers on Thursday the 16th June at the new meeting hall in Farncombe, Surrey.

Broadwater Community centre, Summers Rd, Farncombe GU7 3BH

Nigel’s talk will begin at 7.30 but the hall will be open to all Waverley dowsers friends and members at 7pm. Tea and biscuits will be made available during a short break about halfway through the evening

Nigel Twinn who has authored and co-authored several books, will also be signing books that people wish to bring along as well as signing his own books which will be  for sale on the night.

Nigel may be best known to some for his Book on Hamish Miller ‘A Life Divined’ and the excellent book co-written with Billy himself which encapsulates all the lore on Dowsing that Billy Gawn had gathered in his lifetime ‘Beyond the far Horizon’ which takes the average dowsing ideas and expands on them tremendously, both books are recommended to the dowser who wants to become better at this fine art. Nigel is involved in the BSD special interest groups which investigate Dowsing with the discipline of science and can answer all your questions on quantum and the subtle fields, or not!

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