If anyone has been to a full training session provided by Michael Haxeltine, one of his interactive exercises deals with dowsing a beam of light from a torch, it is interesting to know that we can dowse the light beam when the torch is switched on, but we can also dowse WHERE THE LIGHT BEAM WAS when the torch is switched off!  This is to demonstrate that the energy path that was created by the original torch beam remains, ie: the PATH created by the beam of light photons remains in place.

So when people ask you what is dowsing doing, you know that you are dowsing ‘energies’. It does not matter WHAT ENERGIES you are dowsing, you are capable of dowsing all the known energies and also the energies that scientists have difficulty in proving to exist.

Depending on the object that you are dowsing, it may or can emit many different energies, we can dowse any energies that are capable of interacting with humans. (ie any energies that can interact with atoms) and the multiple particles that make up the different parts of an atom, which is pretty much all the energies in the universe.

Many energies are primary energies or fundamental particles but there are many energies which are classified as secondary energies which may produce particles or waves. Torsion energy is considered a secondary energy, electrical current is also currently considered a secondary energy. But if you study the Electrical universe theory and the model that has been put together, you may change your mind on the importance of electricity in our universe.

Here is the theory put in to practise with the Electrical universe model in a laboratory (highly technical)

With an easier explanation of the electrical universe and what it means below:

Michael Haxeltine has just provided a talk on dowsing to the ‘Retired Electrical Engineers Group’, below is his write up on the evening:

With over fifty individuals in the audience of retired electrical  engineers’ and scientists Michael knew that there would be sceptics.

He showed the group some of the dowsing tools commonly used in dowsing  applications including the forked stick. This is a feature in a famous woodcut circ. 1650. It depicts dowsers from Austria and Bavaria who had been brought to England to find tin ores and water. He showed the group how this very crude instrument could be used to locate someone in the audience.

He mentioned how dowsing could be used to find energy lines and water and then dowsed over an improvised dowsing course on the stage; to help those seated at the back of the hall could see. He used the L rod; which happened to made from a wire coat hanger.

He briefly mentioned that no one really knew how dowsing worked but showed how thoughts could be transmitted to someone out of the Hall. This proved to be surprise for some people in the audience.

He showed the audience how to use a dowsing rod and set them a task to find a hidden fluffy dragon and a painted egg. At least a third achieved their task within a few minutes.

Of the many things which he spoke about was that of using dowsing related skills, with the aid of a member of the audience, to assess if food was bad for him.

He spoke about the three books which he had written on dowsing matters. He had set out a few books with some relevance to electrical matters and dowsing.

He invited questions throughout the talk and asked the audience if they wanted him to keep along the theme previously dealt with or for him to change tack onto another area of dowsing.

He invited members of the audience to consider joining Waverley Dowsers to bring their knowledge to bear on dowsing [art] science.

Michael touched upon various electrical related matters and explained how he used a therapy technique to identify faults in a radar system on a cruise ship. Following this he explained how ground energies seemingly were the cause of electrical equipment failing in a hotel.  He explained that he got the equipment working for the first time in 7 years in front of an audience of some fourteen people.

He could have gone on to breakfast the following morning but everyone had to be out of the hall for the next users so the meeting dowsed to a close.

Interesting enough some of those returning the feedback forms said that they would recommend the talk to other groups.  With that Michael “engineered his way home“ for another talk that evening.

Surprisingly electrically minded people find dowsing an easy subject to master with many experienced dowsers hailing from this discipline.

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