Michael Haxeltine who is a member of Waverley Dowsers recently gave a talk to the London and Tameside Dowsers on the process of dowsing, Tameside dowsers meet in Richmond.

Here is Mike showing a demonstration model which doubles for a cell and the change over of cells from the root to a shoot/stem, or anything else which is living. The reason being is that everything (as well as inanimate materials) has a positive and a negative and everything gives off spirals of energy.

These spirals have a signature which dowsers train themselves to detect and for their brain to interpret.

Mike spoke about how dowsing negative energy over a painful area of the body can reduce that pain. This part of his talk was reinforced with a diagram of the sheaf of the nerves (sodium charged) and the fibres (negatively charged) in the sheaf. The diagram was taken from Rawles & Davies’s book on bio-magnetism.

He explained how it was likely that some ancient adornments did benefit health in past time times and still could do so.  For future reading on this subject he suggested to delegate’s that they look up the work of Lakhovsky and his healing coils.

The Group managed to find a “lost mobile phone”,  a toy and plastic soldier. With some more  “funnies” Michael closed his with a light hearted note about telling the difference  between dowsers and non dowsers. If you would like him to tell you “how” why not  invite him to talk about Waverley Dowsers and dowsing in general. 01252 541 639

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