What is concrete? without it the modern world would look so different, what about the cement?  with no cement to bind the bricks together would we still be living in a world of wooden house’s, how far would the industrial revolution have got without cement. Modern cement was discovered in the 18th century

The Romans built their great buildings on concrete (Roman Concrete) they were using this at least 2000 years ago as well as having the technology to make water proof concrete that would set under water.

The Bosnian Pyramid has been found to have been covered in the stuff with great slabs been unearthed in recent years, and the team at the Bosnian Pyramid claim to have carbon dated organic material found ‘under’ the concrete to 30,000 years ago.

There has always been surprise at how the Egyptian Pyramids were constructed, with several million blocks used in the construction of the biggest of the Pyramids it has been mind boggling how any civilisation could cut, shape and move these blocks to build these huge structures in such a short time, But a book was released in 2009 which claims that at least fifty percent of the Pyramid’s inner structure was made from concrete, which makes the construction a bit easier.

But what has Dowsing got to do with concrete I hear you ask, well you can dowse the age of the concrete or the cement for a start and this will give you a chance on identifying when a wall was made.

And what about Sarsen stones, so prized in making stone circles and standing stones, these are lime aggregates ? made by nature over eon’s. But think about it, Lime is made from once living organic creatures and is thought to still retain the energy values of those creatures, is this why the Saracen stones were chosen for Sacred constructions and buildings, perhaps you can dowse this.

All material objects produce aura’s, it doesn’t matter if it is a large Sarsen or a piece of metal or even a piece of timber (putting aside the energy fields of living trees, animals) all of which was explored in Waverley dowsers last ‘Dowsing Training’ session. (watch out for the next ones)

Check out the Megalithic energy bands discussed by Maria Wheatley on her website, follow the link below, perhaps you can dowse these energy’s as well.

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