Mike and Geoff go to the Guildford Institute to spread the word about dowsing to an audience of fifty five.
He opened up his talk with a brief mention of the use of the dowsing L rod with Geoff [Vice Chair] demonstrating the simplicity of making a dowsing rods.
MH-Guildford-Inst_smHe said that he did not mind questions.
The audience were then shown a picture which could be seen thee ways. Michael explained that just because you did not see the significance at first it would gradually dawn on you and dowsing is like that.
A point everyone had a go with the dowsing rod left on their chair. Many were able to find north, point to where Geoff was and also point to the direction of the main clock tower in Guildford
Then the Audience saw a demonstration of how an aura in a person could be detected using the dowsing rod. Then they participated in another experiment to show how the mind can transmit information. They saw another experiment to show how a person’s aura could be depressed when using a mobile phone. Most people seemed to be shocked at seeing the effect of this experiment.
Michael explained how subtle energies could affect people central nervous system. He showed how disturbed baby might sleep at one end of cot if it was trying to get away from the influence of either ground or manmade detrimental energies. Many people identified with these phenomena.
Michael gave frequent opportunities to ask questions and at least three people challenged Michael on some of the experiment. A healthy response

He showed the audience a number of other experiments but not time for all those which he brought with him.
If anyone would like to hear a talk on this huge subject they can contact
Waverley Dowsers who meet in Godalming, Surrey or contact Michael directly 01252 541 639

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