Waverley Dowsers will be given a Dowsing training session this coming weekend 21st Feb 2015 at our normal meeting hall, check out our Events page HERE Three hours dowsing training for only £10 !!

So if you live in Surrey, Hampshire or west Sussex you could only be a short trip down the A3 from us so come along and bring a friend for tea, biscuits and a great fun afternoon of Dowsing from 2pm in the afternoon 21st feb

For Dowsers who are familiar with the Michael and Mary and Belinus Dragon lines, recently some Waverley dowsers discovered a female Dragon line in Bulgaria running through a 3rd century Church. The female Dragon line was twelve (12m) metres wide at noon.

Rotunda 3rd century Church in Sophia, Bulgaria

Rotunda 3rd century Church in Sophia, Bulgaria

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