This was a Waverley Dowsers talk presented by dowsing author Michael Haxeltine ‘Chat about Chakras’; 13th. Jan.’15 at Godalming in Surrey.

Michael likes to build his talks around a ‘fun time’ and this talk was no exception,  although the session was actually serious in that it showed how close organs were to each other and where they linked to arrears of influence of the Chakra centres.

Mike Haxeltine demonstrating Chakra areas while using his body as a 'whiteboard'

Mike Haxeltine demonstrating Chakra areas while using his body as a ‘whiteboard’


15 keen eared dowsing enthusiasts; attentive to Mike taking us through the basics of Chakra centres. He started by wearing a white paper boiler suit and asked the audience to glue our various internal organs (in cardboard cut-outs) onto it, so that we could get a good idea of which chakra will have the most influence on each organ. Mike showed how the energy at each of the seven sites could be balanced to harmonise with each other.

His special effect was to show that even a plastic “replica” dragon could be dowsed to show the positions of this fabulous beast’s own Chakra positions. Some hands on trials by the floor helped us get the feel for the process. Mike got as far as to show that an animal has a similar arrangement and could be balanced and treated in the same way as for us.

I’m sure we will get a chance to continue this in the future where we should find we are also able to balance, give and receive from trees and stones.

Geoff Mitchell

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