Well with Summer just around the corner and Spring well under way, it is time to tell all you Dowsers and potential dowsers where you may find some of us Waverley Dowsers ‘out and about’

The next public area where you may come and find some of us, talking and demonstrating Dowsing and Dowsing techniques will be at the Rural Life Centre, which is the largest countryside museum in the South of England, you can find not only stuff for kids with playgrounds and animals but on Sundays there is usually a miniature train service. Check out the facilities on the website.
Rural Life Center HERE

And of course in ancient rural times Dowsers were as prevalent as Pond makers and Thatchers, so on the weekend of the 26th and 27th of April 2014 you will find some of the Waverley Dowsers members providing demonstrations as well as some basic dowsing techniques to all who are interested.

If you are a dowser, please come along and tell us of your experiences or your past families stories, we often hear some great tales of Fathers and Mothers and Grand-fathers at the Fayres and day outs that we attend, so please do come and share. Waverley dowsers are always interested in learning new techniques and ideas that you may know about and if we can inspire you to get out your ‘old’ rods or make new ones we would be proud of just that and if you have never dowsed before but are interested then this is the perfect moment to get an introduction.

So remember the Rural Life Centre, nr Frensham about 3 miles outside Farnham, Surrey on the weekend of the 26th and 27th.

Website and details of the Rural Life Center HERE

please use our contact form on the contact page if you wish to ask us a question, Michael Haxeltine will also have some of his books available for sale, providing a wealth of information, experience and examples about dowsing that will keep you amazed for years.

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