The Ley Hunters network have managed to put together a fantastic day of talks with world class dowsers providing some fantastic information for Dowsers of all levels. The speakers are listed below:

  • David Hughesman
  • Doug Chapman
  • Susan Sheridan
  • Philip Carr-Gomm
  • Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton
  • Yuri Leitch
  • Maria Wheatly
  • Laurence Main.

Maria Wheatly recently gave a two hour radio interview sharing her experience of life long dowsing, Maria’s father was also a renowned dowser and author with Maria following in his footsteps, below you can hear the first hour of Maria’s enlightening radio talk which includes discussions on Stonehenge below.


You can sign up for the quarterly Ley Hunters magazine by visiting their website HERE

Maria Wheatly has her own website full of interesting information as well as her personal events page, see below.

The Avebury Experience – Maria Wheatly website where you can book up for her workshops or order the books

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