There is no age barrier to Dowsing, I started Dowsing when I was seven years old and I have met some who were dowsing before that age, but it does not matter if you started early or came to the craft later in life, there are constant surprises to be found in the life of a Dowser.

Like a musician, Linguist or Meditater, one thing science agrees on is that when you start using the grey matter for more than everyday stuff, the brain grows more neurons to accommodate the extra workload and in effect you get the capacity to be better than you were before, it is all about how you use the extra brain capacity.

Dowsers can use either the right hand side of the brain or the left, so you could expect to become ‘more’ logical or more intuitive or perhaps even both, but practice can only improve you, so read our articles for ideas on how and what you can dowse and enjoy your ‘growing’.


If you wish to try Dowsing or learn how to dowse then practicing makes perfect, although nothing can beat proper training for getting up to speed quickly, no matter what subject you are trying.

Waverley Dowser’s who meet in Godalming in Surrey every 2 months are an ideal starting place to meet like minded people who are curious, friendly and open minded about the world. Waverley Dowsers can also teach you how to make your own dowsing rods and pendulums as well as provide a great deal of experience and wisdom in the art of Dowsing.

There are many websites in the UK which promote dowsing, one of the oldest and most respected are the Parellel Community website which embraces Dowsers and like minded people from all over the world.

This website was co-founded by Hamish Miller and several other members of the British Society of Dowsers to provide a place where great ideas can be manifested for the benefit of all. May your subtle energies be pure.

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