So not a mystery anymore, with Birkland currents getting serious scientific recognition as science begins to recognise the role of Plasma currents in space, we dowsers on earth can point to the currents that flow across the landscape which have had numerous names but which are beginning to solidify around the two popular names for these Plasma constructs.

For the scientific minded these Earth energy lines are now called Tellurian lines and for the Spiritual minded they are called Dragon lines after the ancient British culture which revered these special ‘land Plasma’s, which are woven in to British folklore with location names and Myths. For those who have followed the ‘Mary and Michael Dragon lines‘ know that these Earth energy lines are peppered with Neolithic sacred places and Christian Churches and many, many locations which share Pagan sacred and Christian sacred gathering places on top of each other.

In recent times we have also had mapped for us the Belinus line found in the book, ‘The Spine of Albion’, another pair of Dragon energy’s dowsed from one end of the country to the other and soon we expect these to become as famous worldwide as the ‘Mary and Michael’ Dragon lines.

To understand a bit more about these Tellurian/Dragon lines we have a youtube video which can give a brief but concise description of these Plasma currents which Spiritualists recognise as conscious, and able to communicate with.

Here is the video:


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