Dowsers can be a practical bunch, one day we may be dowsing with Spiritual aspects or Earth energies but they may also use their skills in the more mundane practice’s of modern life, we have recently posted two articles from the more experienced members of the Waverley dowsers, one article demonstrates the use of dowsing in the kitchen, while the other clearly demonstrates remote dowsing for the common task of finding lost car keys.

You may read both articles by following the relevant link below, enjoy your read and if you live with-in driving distance of Godalming in Surrey, consider joining us on one of our meetings for fun tasks and stimulating conversations.

Find your car keys with some dowsing help

Cooking with dowsing in the kitchen


Another great article with some great photos of pre-industrial farming equipment is our recent article when some members of Waverley dowsers demonstrated dowsing at the Rural Life centre near Frensham in Surrey, have a fun read and perhaps you may also wish to browse the rest of our fun articles.

Rural Life dowsing day out

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