Early back in April 2015 Waverley dowsers attended the Tilford Rural Life centre which was the fourth year they had demonstrated the traditional art of dowsing, previously the Waverley dowsers stall was manned by Michael Haxeltine and  helped by other members of the Waverley dowsers, but in 2015 Mike had a weekend off and Ken, Geoff and Nadia did their bit for Waverley dowsers, Celia and David also popped in at some point.
Previous write up in 2014 HERE
Photos  taken at the Rural life centre which includes many old farming machinery going back up to 150 years ago, well worth having a look. click HERE

Even further back in 2013 Mike, Geoff and Ken started the infamous ‘dunces hat’ discussion and experiment which grew into several further experimental events which included many other members of the Waverley dowsers group on a special event late in 2015. The original experiment with an energy uplift along with the results and conclusions can be found on this page HERE

While at the Rural Life Centre in 2015 just as the Guildford Morris men were due to start their public performances the heavens opened up and they came in to the large farm shed where the Dowsers had their stall, after a brief discussion all the stall holders agreed that the Guildford Morris Men could perform inside the shed, below is their wonderful performance captured on video with a camera/phone. We hope you enjoy it as much as we all did.


The Guildford Morris men also showed interest in the Dowsing presented by the Morris Men as Myth has it that traditional Morris Men would dance to enact fertility in the land, their dance encouraging beneficial Earth and water energies to flow through the land.

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