The ancient Peoples of the world had a secret which was lost a long time ago, the secret was the knowledge of how to make concrete. The earliest discovered use of concrete is the Bosnian Pyramids (30,000 years old) and the landscape surrounding the Pyramids. Below are several videos demonstrating how the ancient Egyptians made their concrete to build the pyramids blocks and statues while a video showing the river that runs between the Bosnian Pyramids is manmade with concrete and clay and the last video shows the Bosnian Pyramids were covered/rendered in a concrete skin which has been found under 5 feet of soil showing the great age of the structures.


The following video has a lot of adverts in, but persevere as it does provide some great information about ancient concrete and its uses and brings up the subject of Egyptologists fraud.


This last video is a short video highlighting the manmade river in the Bosnian landscape, the more you study the subject the more we realise that many objects from ancient times (stone balls) and statues are all made from concrete.

An earlier post about ancient concrete can be found in the link below.

Natural Sacred Concrete and Dowsing the Energies

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