There are many ways a dowser can use their skills, they can dowse for water, Earth energies and Dragon lines but another fantastic use of your dowsing is to communicate with nature, you can ask the ‘Spirit of Place’ a question and using your dowsing rod or pendulum to receive an answer, just as you can with a Dragon line.

For many fantastic ideas of which part of nature you can communicate with, pop along to the Farnham Eco Cinema gathering to catch the latest film this month.

Wetheuncivilised, A Life Story, is a film about possibilities to discover what you are missing.

Tuesday, 23rd January 7-10pm
Farnham Pottery, Wrecclesham, Farnham GU10 4SL

More information on

“A stunning, sensitive journey into ecology, humanity and spirituality.”
A couple confront the reality of our times and discover a hidden culture of
connection and belonging.
Wetheuncivilised – a life story

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