On the 9th February Colin Parker will be providing a talk about his investigations of Stone Henge and his conclusions which have also been published in his book ‘How To Read Stonehenge’, Our doors will be open from 7pm so come early for a front row seat, tea and biscuits will be provided.

Our address: Unitarian Hall, Meadrow, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 3JB

A Fascinating, meticulously researched ground-breaking new book – by local author Colin Parker who has spent many years investigating the mystery surrounding Britain’s most enigmatic monument. We think of Stonehenge as a religious temple but it is much more. Colin’s multi-disciplined approach to Stonehenge and its landscape, enabled him to decipher the hidden in plain sight Stonehenge ‘Architects Double-Doorway Stone Formations Visual Key’ cunningly produced by perspective, mentioned by Henry of Huntington in 1130 AD…which reveals Britain’s Most Famous Landmark to be a working device constructed to indicate the sunrise and sunset on sixteen ‘vitally important’ dates in their ancient and our modern agricultural calendar – thousands of years later. Despite the presumed pilfering of around half the stones by various unknown people throughout history, provided you do not stand within the stones as advised by the various authorities, but instead remain outside the stone circle on the visitors designated pathway looking through the stones still standing today!

After reading ‘How to Read Stonehenge’ you too will know the assigned double-doorway stone formations chosen by the architects for the sun too rise and set between, on or around the day of your past or future visit. The double-doorway assigned by the architects for the June summer solstice sunset, when Stonehenge is closed is shown on the front cover produced using two photographs. The first in the sunset sequence resembling a reflection is shown upside down. Not to be confused with the June summer solstice sunrise, witnessed that morning by thousands of people granted special access within the stones, who like the million plus visitors per year believe archaeologists and others, who state Stonehenge is a non-working ruined temple constructed solely for the December winter solstice sunset.

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Further information stunning photographs featured in the book visit: www.howtoreadstonehenge.com

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