Well Friday 13th can be mostly lucky too, as it was for the people listening to Andy Thomas at his evening lecture on Crop Circles at the Unitarian Hall in Godalming.   Andy is an enthusiast dedicated to the mysteries and the unexplained events of our Planet.     And the Crop Circle phenomenon is certainly in that category.

He showed the rise of these events starting with a crudely documented similarity as far back as the 16th Century, through to the more apparent “simple” starting in the 1930s.     They increase in number and complexity and continue to this day.    Lucky us; the most prolific Country is ours, but they happen all over the World and appear to be especially attracted  to the chalk-land interfaces of the landscape (especially in the UK where we get the effects of aquifers).

Many examples were projected and from their beauty, complexity and quality I had no qualms in agreeing with Andy that there are unknown forces at work here, i.e. they are not “all” man-made in the sense that a team waded in with logs and ropes.  In fact the ones that were known to be man-made only showed up the fact that the others were unlikely to have been man-made; as we know it!

Explanations were banded about, but it is pretty apparent that we just “don’t know”.   As a dowser I felt that I should at least “ask” since, with permissions, I’m privileged to be able to do so.   So all I’m allowed to find is that it is a water-related energy and it is not extra-terrestrial in origin and only a handful of people know the truth.   Fine by me; it’s not something that is on my “path”, but I am allowed to take an interest.

I think the most wonderful clip that was projected on the formation of circles was where a video photographer was lucky enough to get a short clip of a circle set being formed.  A couple of lights circled the area and one could see the crops being flattened by an invisible foot print in seconds.  I “asked” if this was a true representation of facts and got a YES.   Once I got home, further “questions” led to the lights being the propulsion glow of an invisible craft and that they were in the same league as the “Foo Fighters” seen by pilots.

Finally one can’t avoid the conclusion that now they have “our” attention they are being used to send us messages.  They appear to be “written” in open fields where the crops will show up the message to best effect; not across fence boundaries.   And they are too big to lose or ignore, but just like an “etch-a-sketch” the crops can be erased and replaced.

The wonderful thing about humans is that they have a built-in degree of scepticism and resistance to repetition.   Witness the fact that despite the continued existence and quality of these Circle appearances the “Press” have now gone cold on them.

I must catch the next one; now where did I leave my bob?

Love and light,   Geoff Mitchell      Chair Waverley Dowsers


For personal research on Crop circles follow these links below:

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