Recently Michael Haxeltine from Waverley Dowsers gave far ranging talk to the Woman’s Institute at Sandhurst on many aspects of dowsing.  Most of the audience had heard of water dowsing but not using dowsing with checking ones food for chemicals or the searching for the best place to site a compost bin in the garden.

The audience participated in a short experiment about how thought could be transmitted, Michael then linked this to the concept of distant energy healing.

A member of the audience showed how quickly the skill’s of dowsing could be learnt. She used a dowsing rod to find six injuries on Michaels right side, much to everyone’s amazement.

The audience were now starting to see how diverse the applications for dowsing was.


Michael then did another experiment to show how you could dowse through water, plastic and lead.

This was followed by demonstrating that pyramid shaped objects had their own energy form which is why they were sold in the 60’s for resting or sleeping under, many of the audience recall that pyramids were sold for that purpose in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Michael then showed  several other experiments which included how seeds would germinate better if a pyramid was stood over a seed tray, or the seeds placed inside a pyramid.

Many found it hard to believe that with just a bent wire coat hanger people could dowse and that dowsing rod and be so versatile in everyday life.

Michael then spent a few minutes talking about the history of dowsing and spent a few minutes talking about the three dowsing books which he had written.

He explained that the pendulum which he was using was copied from one found in an Egyptian tomb dating around 4000 BC.

He set everyone the task of finding something with the aid of a dowsing rod. A number of objects had been hidden in the hall and all were found by the audience of the WI.

Towards the end of his talk he showed the audience a  model of a cell with spirals (representing energy) to show that everything gives of and takes in spirals of energy, ie: dipoles. Dowers pick up this subtle energy.

To have Michael talk at your club about dowsing, please contact him with the details below.

Michael Haxeltine 33 Reading Rd GU`4 6NH

Farnborough GU14 6NH 01252 541 639

Michael belongs to Waverley Dowsers    – whose members come from afar from as Camberley Sandhurst, Lightwater, Yately, Farnborough, Guildford as well as the Godalming area

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