Dowsing evening with Mike Haxeltine
Recently Michael Haxeltine gave an interactive talk to a group of holistic therapists in Farnborough, Hamshire. The theme was on the chakras system and how it evolved and will it evolve further. The system could be likened to a railway system and it has seven stations. The rail is the energy which passes through the body via the chakra energy centres.
The stations are linked to the main organs and the endocrine system and have different needs for the passengers, i.e the communicating chemicals. Stations need to be in balance for the whole system to work properly.
Chakras can be felt, seen, or sensed and some form of dowsing can lessen or increase station activity.
To set the stage for continuing the interactive talk the audience were split into groups and they had to locate the main organs and the location of the Chakra station.
The groups had the opportunity dowse for or sense the stations. Then when they were sure of the location they pinned cardboard organ and chakra stations on Michael who was wearing a white overall.
Leaving out meridians and auras everyone could see the relationship of various parts of the body.
The groups discussed how to sense energies and this part of the talk linked with the Hand Outs folder .
Michael showed the audience how to check polarity of their dowsing then they were taken through dowsing a paper outline of a full length body to undertake an imaginary balancing.
The process went through starting with psychic protection to balancing chakras. Three permissions were sought, in this case to deal with an under active throat chakras. Once that had been done he showed the audience how to check that energy had gone from the dowsers to the [paper] patient. It was noticed that the pendulum swung more in one direction than another indicating that the pendulum in the search mode overcame the basic law of physics relating to the equidistant swing of a pendulum.
Then a real volunteer was dowsed to rebalance the chakras; starting with the protocols. No client history was discussed.
Michael also introduced a method of assessing the effectiveness of ones mission; before and after a rebalancing session.
The discussion turned to the likelihood of the more chakras being found . One member of the audience said that he now recognised 12 chakra “stations” and others recognised 17.
The audience were shown how a photo could be dowsed for chakra rebalancing and how a model of plastic dinosaur showed reactions to dowsing at seven points. The census was that the audience could well have picked up chakra points in this prehistoric beast.
The audience parted amazed at the ground which they had covered in one and half hours.


One of the audience provided a write up on Michael’s workshop (above:

We hope you are well and enjoying (or recovering from) the large shifts of the last few weeks J


Karen and I (Adam Buttery) attended Jhadten Jewall’s workshop at RHS Wisley the other weekend and what an amazing time. A good blend of channelled work. a lovely setting and an easy pace helped us make some serious shifts and be able to integrate much of the work over the weekend.. Big thanks to Claire Williams who organised Jhadten’s stay here and helped us get on the course – very much appreciated!  Check out Jhadten Jewall on the web or contact Claire Williams via her email (CC’d above) or on 01483-813641 for info on his (and other!) future dates..


The last EnergyWorks meeting had Michael Haxeltine guide us through dowsing and the many ways it can be used in the healing environment. See attached write-up that Mike provided to Waverley Dowsers if you would like a recap or you missed it. Many thanks to Mike for an interesting evening, contact Mike by phone 01252-541639 or email CC’d above, or Geoff Mitchell (01276 472977) or visit their website ( for more details of what they do, meetings etc.


It was also our 4th birthday so cakes were in abundance! It is amazing that the group doesn’t just stay strong, it gets better every month and that is because you all bring something special to it. We have such a powerful collection of people in one place that we could run half of Farnborough off the energy created in one evening J


If you are interested in being on a directory of the therapists’ in our group, please let me know your details and a few lines about what you offer and I will include you. This is for group members to access via the EnergyWorks Dropbox page, ie, only to members of this group. Your details will not be circulated to anyone else.


If you want access to the Dropbox page just let me know.


If you have a service you would like to promote to the group via these emails, email me details and I’ll try to remember to include It here. No guarantees I’ll remember them al, but feel free to ask J



The next meeting is on 8th November and sees the return of Heather Golding, promising us an evening of colour, soul songs, visual medicine and flute. Definitely one of the more mind-expanding sessions of the year and not to be missed! Heather has a wide range of talents so our two hours will pass very quickly J


We will finish the evening with a group healing, so make a note of any cause(s), groups or individuals you would like to include and put them forward on the night.


Cost: five pounds donation to cover tea, biscuits and paying our guest speakers some travelling money.
Venue: 42 Alexandra Rd, Farnborough GU14 6DA

Time: please arrive at 18.45 for a 19.00 start. Finish is generally around 21.00.


Guests are always welcome!


Love and light,

Ka-hu (Adam Buttery)      Ka-lei (Karen Canfield)

Mob: 07906 757452           Mob: 07979 380601

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