Michael Haxeltine has a great enthusiasm for promoting dowsing and is always available to provide talks and demonstrations to groups and clubs on this interesting quantum phenomenon, below are his reports on two group presentations that he gave in the last month.

North camp Fayre and the Dowsing stall:

The first theme was to interest children in dowsing per se. Michael is seen here demonstrating how in the not too mike_northcampdistant past  it was customary to “sex”  by dowsing  and you can just make the small ‘chicks’ on the table. Michael said that he was surprised that so many Mums who visited his dowsing  stand had used dowsing to see if they were expecting a boy or girl and found that the answer turned out to be correct when the child was born.



The second theme was  to draw peoples attention to the value of walking bare foot when conditions allowed. This allowed the body to  electrically readjust its self for self repair. The information  display that Mike had on display had extracts from the book ‘Earthing’  by Ober-Sinatra MD And Zucker. Those who read the information were astonished at the range of bodily dysfunctions that  ‘earthing’ alleviated.

Mike said that whilst parts of the book  were too technical for him the theme of the book opened up yet another door which as an aspiring advanced  dowser he needed to know about. The book also contained some notes of caution  if they were helping someone with earthing.

This book brings into consideration  town planning issues related to loss of green belt and urban and city open space.

Mikes second talk was with the Cranleigh Rotarians:

Recently Michael Haxeltine, who is Member of Waverley Dowsers,  was invited to speak on dowsing at the Cranliegh Rotarians regular meeting; at the Parrot Inn at Forest Green.

mike_rotariansThe picture shows the President and   Michael  showing him  explaining that a cone and pyramid have similar energies; both of which can affect humans.
The forked stick, on the little platform  is from a Rowan Tree, this was used in medieval  times to inhibit detrimental ground energies entering a household. Now we know this as a ploy to detect and counter against geopathic stress in houses. Some dowsers specialise  ‘in this sort of house clearance’.

Most of the Rotarians  had only heard of water dowsing and were amazed to hear about the breadth of the subject. Everyone seemed to find it fun to join in with some of Michael’s experiments.

Michael said that one of his successes  for the evening was to help a partially blind person to rod dowse.

Michael only spent  a short time talking about the origins of dowsing. He said that there was a lot of information on various Web sites if people wished to find out more.

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