Recently former chairman and author Michael Haxeltine was contacted to help solve some mysterious negative experiences that a family had been having in their home over a period of many years, they had previously had their home cleaned of negative energies as well as having several expensive geopathic stress removers installed to counter a range of underground water streams that flowed near and under their home. Current chairman of Waverley dowsers Geoff Mitchell remote dowsed the premises and decided to ask Ken Collinson to accompany them to the home so that they could provide a complete spectrum of house healing for the family.

So Geoff, Mike and Ken arrived at the home on a damp winter evening each equipped with their personal speciality equipment, once in the home Geoff quickly identified the geopathic stress he had dowsed remotely, Mike spent the time dowsing the rest of the house while Ken concentrated on the spiritual aspects of the house investigation.

Ken found some spiritual aspects that were providing a background of potential issues particularly to anyone who may be sensitive, he then cleared those problems before the three Waverley dowsers turned their attention to the main problem of geopathic stress which was arising from the ground and uprising through the 1st floor of the house.

The dowsers decided to resolve the problem by using a Lakhovsky coil which Geoff custom made on the spot for the size of the rising negative energy, they decided that the best place where it could negate the harmful energies was to place it in the attic of the home and they had to enlist several of the younger boys who lived in the home to place the coil in the correct place so it could do it’s work.

With a cup of tea and coffee consumed and another quick house check, the three dowsers bid farewell and left the family pleased and contented with the geopathic stress removal performed by Waverley dowsers.


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