Another training session at Waverley dowsers for intermediate and advanced users, we had Pam talking about how she use’s her Guardian angels and spiritual helpers in all her dowsing, with Ken introducing the entitys from the Underworld, Middleworld and Overworld and talking their non-threatening demeaner.

Michael and Geoff demonstrated a particular workshop they had experienced at the recent EEG meeting as well as demonstrating dowsing a beam of light with the audience also getting involved in these two energy dowsing methods and learning how dowsing can be used to dowse for ‘radiation’ such as electro-magnetic or EMF radiation from TV’s computers and all your electrical home devices.

Ken has posted a recent ‘walkabout’ dowsing session in his local woods and the finding of a neolithic stone tool (click here), how you can also do the same on your weekend walks is a great way to practise your dowsing and perhaps finding your rewards.

Practical dowsing article click here

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