Come and enjoy the 1st day of summer in one of the most beautiful parks in the country. Arundel Park with its lake wildlife and rolling chalkhills and possible site of a hill fort. This outing is to explore a site in the park that could have been a site of human occupation long long ago. By who, how many and where the dwellings were if there were any at all, are some of the questions to be answered.

Come early have a row on the lake, lunch in Swanbourne lodge and feed the ducks.
Or meet just inside the gates to Swanbourne Lake, Mill Lane, Arundel at 14.00

There is a 15min walk on graveled track to the site. David will be at Swanbourne Lodge
For lunch at 13.00 if you care to join him.

David Charman
Phone  07754780553  email:

David has just started at Sparkle Spar, 24-26 Portland Road, Worthing  01903 367900
One day a month to start with from the 13th June, So if anyone needs an Energy Viewing report and repairs please phone for appointment

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