As soon as I entered the Hall the sparkle from the table shone out and beckoned me closer…. Yes a couple of bright spot lights did help, but what an array of colour and polish! Beverley Kinane was there too; full of energy and radiating along with her wares.


It’s important that, to be a dowser, you must suspend your previous beliefs and marvel at the genuineness, energy and “peculiar” behaviour that can emanate from such a committed person. She says she does not know what she might be saying, because she is channelling help and guidance…. similar to a newsreader listening to their producer through their hidden earphone, but totally without needing to touch her ear!

Well, what came through was intriguing and fascinating. The bottom line is that you should go for a stone that attracts you and ask it if it can work with you and vice versa. There are stones for a variety of applications in the dowsing sphere.

Although Beverley was talking loosely about her subject of crystals she was also interacting with us. She was more of the clairvoyant and quickly spotted those of us that needed support and encouragement. I felt totally relaxed and comfortable and was immensely impressed by her warmth and generosity.

I’m still not an expert on stones, but I know that firstly, I can always dowse for my best interests and secondly, I now know a lady who is!


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