In 2006 the British Society of Dowsers ran a survey of it’s members worldwide with a questionnaire from the British Dyslexia Association, the results were surprising and the conclusions were distinctly informative.

With the British Dyslexia Association championing a Dyslexia Awareness week starting on the 14th October through to Sunday the 20th 2013, we feel that this is a good time to raise this information.

Dyslexia is NOT a Disease, Disorder or disability, it is just another way of thinking, another way of seeing the world with more right brain characteristics then the more logical left brain, although those with dyslexia can struggle with reading and writing this is something that they can overcome by approaching word use in a different way, Dyslexia also provides those with stronger characteristics and ability’s in other directions, as the video below shows.

The survey conducted by the British Society of Dowsers indicated that over 60% of those that completed the survey were or could be recognised as Dyslexic, while in the general population at large, it is estimated to be approx 20% or less, the other conclusions drawn from this survey are the types of Dowsing that those with and without Dyslexia were best suited to, and which types of Dowsing these people were most interested in. To read the full report and conclusion of the study please follow this link here

For those who wish to visit the British Dyslexia Association website for more information and perhaps to download the Dyslexia Awareness week action pack, please follow this link here.

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