This ancient Church has been chosen to be visited by Waverley dowsers at 2pm on the 9th June due to its rich history and multiple energies inside and outside this Church. Built on an even older sacred site, dowsers will be able to find the energies of a prior Stone Circle and the Sacred Dragon energies that flow through it’s grounds.

There is still an energy residue of a stone gateway for the stone avenue that once led to the stone circle further down the lane next to the river which we will also be visiting to dowse.

The Church still has its original oak pew seating in place since the 13th Century while you will be able to dowse the complex water spirals within the Church around the pulpit.

You can click on each of the links below to open the PDF documents to read and print information about this beautiful church, to download each PDF, please right click and choose download.

Dunsfold church 1  Dunsfold church 2  Dunsfold church 3  Dunsfold Village Website

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