Waverley dowsers will be providing a day of training on Saturday the 6th October, all are welcome including children (attended with an adult) the venue will be our normal meeting venue at the Unitarian Hall Godalming, Surry GU7 3JB:

There is limited Free parking on the site for early birds but a large public car park just across the road which is very cheap.

Dowsing is not just about finding water, useful as this is for finding leaks and the missing water mains in the garden but dowsing can also be used for finding things as well as identifying energies in the home and garden that could be conducive and useful for wellbeing. Dowsing for health is a much sought after skill.

Basic Dowsing Course is in the morning and a more advanced course in the afternoon after lunch.

Basic starts at 10.00 (please arrive for 9.30 am) and will last for 2 hours with a mid break for tea.
There will be a talk on the background to Dowsing; what it is and how to carry it out. Practical uses and exercises in the hall and weather permitting outside as well. Cost £10

Advanced Dowsing course starts at 13.30 (please arrive for 1pm) and will last for two hours with a mid break for tea and biscuits. One could call this Basic Two since the subject is very large; it includes further techniques and principles and an outline of what can be achieved in your own development. Practical uses and exercises. Cost £10

Dowsing tools and equipment will be provided for free for you to use with advise on how to make or where to buy your equipment for future use.

If you are doing both sessions then the cost is £15 for both. You can pay on the day if you prefer to. We would like to know if you are coming, but if you do decide to go at the last moment; just turn up!

For further details or queries please call Geoff on 01276 472977

To purchase professional dowsing tools, please visit Grahame’s website:

You can visit our ‘Dowsing friend’ pages websites for dowsing groups nearer to where you live HERE

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