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When Waverley dowsers visited their namesake local Abbey ruins in September 2014 they knew that it would be difficult to do everything that they wanted to do in the time that was available due to the twilight drawing in at this time of the year, so Waverley dowser Geoff Mitchell our in-house electrical engineer gathered together his equipment to provide additional working time by providing the lights for the evening, which will show in our photographic story. To view the many photos, please place your mouse on the photo and click the arrow that will appear.

To read the full article of the evenings work and to see Don Bryan’s discoveries of a main Church Altar and five additional Altars, each in their own mini Chapel please follow this link HERE

Waverley Dowsers will be re-visiting the Abbey for more dowsing fun in 2015 the missing cellars will be on the list and much more investigative work to be done, you can see from the wonderful photos that there must be many more hidden treasure that are worth dowsing for.

Read the FULL article by clicking HERE

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