Waverley Dowsers will be visiting Waverley Abbey in Farnham, Surrey, GU9 8EP on the 9th September along with the Mayor and guests, please come along to see some experienced dowsers search the Abbey grounds for missing buildings plus there may also be the opportunity to search for Earth energies and underground water springs. Waverley Abbey  was the first Cistercian Abbey in England and was established nearly 900 years ago, so plenty of potential history to be re-discovered.

The Waverley Dowsers chairman has this to say:

Our principal visitors for the evening will be The Mayor of Waverley Borough Council, The Town Mayor of Godalming, The Chairman of the  British Society of Dowsers  Archaeological  Special Interest group.

In addition to The President of the Waverley Dowsers  and The Secretary of Waverley  Dowsers will be escorting the Borough and Town Mayor. The President  is also Chair of the International Association of Healing Dowsers.

Waverley Dowsers    does invite dowsers both beginners and dowsers from other groups and that ensures cross comment and thus improvement of dowsing skills.
Our Chairman feels that Dowsing might prove to have economic benefit to local authorities as an attraction to  many sites of antiquity .  Dowsing for a few pence can reveal all manner of information  and prove itself through constant replication without  disturbing any ground. In deed he has used dowsing evidence in  two major planning inquiries and has self published a book to engage those in involved in  forming public policy  with dowsing related issues .

Dowsing in local policy requires some very simple  “drills” and our guests will received some guidance in these drills to enable them to participate in the “searches” in the ground of the ruins of the Abbey.

Those attending will be split into working groups  to identify for instance:- the alignment of the now non existent columns, the energy in different parts of the Abbey and to see the size of the Altar .  Further two mystery tasks will be on offer for the very experienced.

The evening will finish with a few minutes submersing what we will have achieved   and for the Chairman  to receive comments from everyone so that Waverley dowsers can improve they way it engages with the community .

Visit the English Heritage website for more info on Waverley Abbey:



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