When Alfred Watkins used the old english word ‘Ley’ to describe the alignments he noticed in the English countryside, I doubt he gave a thought to the people who came later and mis-interpreted what his book was explaining.

So for those who like to truly understand the true source of something, you can buy his book from Amazon, it is called ‘The Old Straight Track’ notice the title!  this is actually very important for accuracy because Alfred wrote and described something very important which got mis-interpreted by the people in the sixties and it has held up public information and education ever since.

Below are some transcripts of talks that Alfred Watkins gave after the publication of his book.




Some promoted the incorrect term ‘energy ley or ley line’ to identify the Dragon lines that Hamish Miller had recognised and identified as Spiritual energy line’s of consciousness (Dragon lines) which have the serpentine path or action. Although I happen to believe that all energy is conscious.

Ley lines are ancient Mesolithic and later neolithic man made trackways through the temperate tree forests of Europe, they probably allowed people to travel and trade on known trade routes as well as build their habitations along them, (you can dowse paths made by humans and animals) there was also a French author ‘Xavier Guichard’ who wrote a similar book to explain what was discovered in France and how so many villages, towns and city’s all bearing either the same name or something similar and all on straight tracks generated from one centre point (constant travel).

Landscape can also create ‘leys’ or straight lines of energy between indents/cuttings and promontories or outcrops as the natural electrical energy at the surface of the Earth will connect for various reasons, and of course not withstanding conscious or unconscious human intention which may have been done by accident or on purpose. (between churches and another spiritual location, old or new)



For those dowsers who track Dragon lines they will know that they are not a straight line but a line that meanders like a river or Serpent of energy across the countryside swinging from one direction to another and even returning upon itself as its consciousness decides, Dragon lines circumnavigate the globe to continue their ribbon of energy over and over.

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