Michael Haxeltine, a Waverley Dowser Member, is trying to establish a unit of dowsing  energy which could internationally accepted.
He is encouraging discussion on this topic and the application of Bovis Units or a Scale marked off  in Gigahertz Units – GUs, which Michael has designed. There is a lot of information on the internet on Bovis and the GUs Scale. You can also glean more by reading Michael’s published books on the topic. (available from the Waverley dowsers website or Michael himself.
Michael is always looking for opportunities to test the subject so During the recent ‘blood’ Eclipse of the Moon he took some Bovis scale readings but does not know what this implies.
Can you help him how to interpret the readings as set out below :
•    2115 hrs local 6200 and global 6100 (bovis scale readings)
•    2300 hrs 4500 local and 3500 global (bovis scale readings)
•    0345 hrs 3500 local and 2800 global  (bovis scale readings)
•    0730 hrs. 7100 local and 8200 global (bovis scale readings)
In any dowsing activity the framing of the dowsing question is of paramount importance. The Dowsing questions was :-
“what is the current effect of the moon locally now ”
“what is the current effect of the moon globally now ”
In either scale the level of 6500 is crucial as below equates to some form of malady/danger and above is “liveable. “ Thus if is one is dowsing for a persons general health and the result is 6500 or below the subject is in some form of danger. How does this tiny piece of information relate to Michael’s reading in relation to the Eclipse?
Waverley dowsers would like to hear from you, if you can offer any explanation please “comment”

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